Would you like to host a service, celebration, observance or other event?


Cantor Jacqui will come to your home or alternative venue & lead services, celebrations and observances free of charge!

Tax-deductible donations to Ahava are welcome.


Events you may enjoy hosting:

  • Celebrate Shabbat with a potluck dinner & all-music Shabbat service!
  • Observe Shabbat and commemorate a loved one’s yahrtzeit (the anniversary of one’s death).
  • Commemorate a loved one’s yahrtzeit on a day other than Shabbat.
  • Offer solace to those in need of physical or emotional healing with a healing service. Can be held anytime.
  • Celebrate Sukkot with friends and family after building a sukkah (a temporary shelter) in your backyard!
  • Blessing of the Animals gathering on Shabbat Noach (the Sabbath when the Torah portion Noah is read).
  • Celebrate Chanukah with friends and family! 
  • Celebrate Rosh Chodesh (the new moon/beginning of the new month in the Jewish calendar). Can be lovingly combined with a women’s celebration of a girl reaching the onset of menarche.


If you need a minyan…

... for a yahrtzeit observance or shiva, email office@ahavaonline.org and Ahava will assist you in finding a minyan

minyan (quorum of 10 Jews for public prayer)

yahrtzeit (anniversary of loved one’s death)

shiva (period of mourning immediately following burial, lasting up to a week)


If you would like to organize a group social action event…

...email office@ahavaonline.org and we will help you!


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Ahava is a 501c3 organization, and all donations are fully tax deductible. We thank you for your consideration and generosity!


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Dear Cantor Jacqui

Every now and again you meet someone who changes your life. While we are sure Natasha is too young to realize it - you have changed hers. A year ago we brought you a child full of potential but lacking the confidence to realize it. You have given her that and it is a gift that should last a lifetime. By extension you have also touched all of our lives. We are forever grateful.

Michele FS & Michael F

The service was so beautiful! Jacqui, your voice is amazing. We couldn't have asked for a more meaningful service. Many people came up to us and said it was the best Bat Mitzvah service they had ever been to. Many of these comments came from Conservative Jewish uncles to Protestant and Catholic friends. Everyone felt welcome and part of the service. Thank you so much for giving Maddy the knowledge and confidence to do such an amazing job.  We are so blessed and grateful. Thank you, thank you.

Margie G

I still think of you, your special patience, sensitivity, natural intuition, and genuine understanding of Eric which enabled you to work with him so successfully. You stuck with him and influenced him to turn things around from not really wanting to do it to ‘wowing’ his family and friends. So thank you - for all you do!

Barbara W