When a baby is born into the Jewish tradition, s/he is welcomed with a ceremony that formally bestows a Hebrew name upon the child. For baby boys, this traditionally takes place in conjunction with a bris (Jewish ceremony of circumcision). For baby girls, and for boys who may have been circumcised in the hospital prior to coming home, we celebrate with a baby naming.

This short ceremony is usually held in the home of the parents or grandparents, with friends and other relatives invited to share in the occasion. As always, Cantor Jacqui will incorporate beautiful melodies and prayers, along with participation by parents, grandparents, and other special friends and family.

To speak with Cantor Jacqui or to schedule a naming ceremony, please email cantor@ahavaonline.org or call 617-213-7911.

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Dear Cantor Jacqui

You have become a very important person to me. At first, I was nervous about singing in front of you, but you made me feel confident and more sure of myself. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful! Thank you for inspiring me and for being such a wonderful teacher.

-Fondly, Alex G

Every now and again you meet someone who changes your life. While we are sure Natasha is too young to realize it - you have changed hers. A year ago we brought you a child full of potential but lacking the confidence to realize it. You have given her that and it is a gift that should last a lifetime. By extension you have also touched all of our lives. We are forever grateful.

Michele FS & Michael F

I am so lucky to have had you as my tutor. We laughed a lot, and your calm way of doing everything made me feel so comfortable and at ease about everything. I will miss coming to see you every week.

-Love, Sarah B